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Dr. Badam

Vayu Advanced Wound Clinic and Hyperbarics is a premier total wound care clinic located in San Antonio, Texas. Experienced hyperbaric medicine specialist and board-certified wound care specialist Manjulatha Badam, MD, CWSP, UHM, heads the practice with a stand-out holistic approach to care. 

Dr. Badam has fellowship training in Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine, which helps her give personalized, specialty care to all of her patients. 

In Sanskrit, an ancient South Asian language, Vayu means “air” and “life.” Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, a Speciality at Vayu Advanced Wound Clinic and Hyperbarics, increases your oxygen uptake in a pressurized chamber. This treatment has countless implications for healing and can treat many chronic diabetic ulcers, failing grafts, failing flaps, radiation injuries, and many more. 

To assess wounds for their depth and severity, Dr. Badam offers skin biopsies and deep tissue DNA culture tests. These tests help her design an individualized treatment plan for ulcers and other skin complications according to the patients’ needs. For deep or large wounds, Dr. Badam carefully performs surgical debridement. 

Dr. Badam treats peripheral artery disease, lymphedema, and chronic venous insufficiency, along with the complications they often cause, including ulcers and tissue infections. Vayu Advanced Wound Clinic and Hyperbarics also specializes in diabetic foot care, including debridement, total contact casting, and negative pressure wound therapy for diabetic ulcers

The community recognizes Vayu Advanced Wound Clinic for excellent patient experiences and high healing rates. Dr. Badam consistently makes care more accessible to her patients by offering cost-effective care, unmatched technology, extended hours, and Saturday hours.

For expert advanced wound care in the greater San Antonio, Texas, area, call Vayu Advanced Wound Clinic and Hyperbarics or book an appointment online today. 

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VAYU Advanced Wound Clinic & Hyperbarics aspires to improve the lives of those we serve with a dedication to excellence in what we initiate. Extraordinary care that is provided in an accessible approach is what we strive to accomplish.


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