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HBOT for Lingering COVID-19 Symptoms, Also Called “Long Hauler’s Syndrome”: A Method of Healing

HBOT for Lingering COVID-19 Symptoms, Also Called “Long Hauler’s Syndrome”: A Method of Healing

In the U.S. alone, the current number of COVID-19 cases has reached over 48.1 million.

As more COVID-19 patients recover each day, a new complication of the virus has been discovered: lingering COVID-19 symptoms also called as “Long Hauler’s syndrome." These symptoms are felt by people—even those with mild cases of the virus—who have officially recovered from COVID-19 but continue to experience symptoms long afterwards. 

The affected people are being referred to as “long haulers” and the condition has been called long COVID, post-COVID-19 syndrome, and post-acute COVID-19 syndrome amongst other terms. 

According to a clinical trial: NCTO4647656 which is being conducted to study the effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy on post COVID 19 symptoms, the main symptoms being reported are cognitive impairment, fatigue and sleep disorders. 

It states that there are biological indicators that play roles in the post COVID 19 syndrome such as:

  1. hypercoagulability that accompanies acute infection.
  2. uncontrolled inflammatory response, called a cytokines storm (leading to neuroinflammation)
  3. hypoxia
  4. oxygen debt (when certain parts of the body “steal the oxygen to heal” leaving other parts deprived of oxygen).

What are lingering COVID-19 symptoms?

Lingering COVID-19 symptoms can last weeks or months after a patient is deemed negative with COVID-19 and can happen to anyone who had the virus even if they had no symptoms while infected.

“The most frustrating part for these patients is no one knows exactly why this is happening and why it can happen to patients who had anywhere from severe to mild cases of the illness.”

People with this complication have reported experiencing one or many of the following symptoms:  

What are the treatment options for lingering COVID-19 symptoms?

Although treatment options are being explored every day, many patients with lingering COVID-19 symptoms are having to wait until their symptoms get better with time.

Due to the disease being so new, there are no direct paths for treatment, but many healthcare professionals are finding ways to support their patients. 

How can hyperbaric oxygen therapy help with lingering COVID-19 symptoms? 

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is currently being used and studied as an effective form of treatment for lingering COVID-19 symptoms due to its ability to reverse hypoxia, reduce neuro-inflammation, and improve tissue oxygenation amongst other benefits. 

Studies and clinical trials are currently being conducted around the world to study the healing powers of HBOT for lingering COVID-19 symptoms with highly regarded medical professionals.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment has been used to treat “Long Hauler’s syndrome across the world successfully treating patients with a wide variety of symptoms including: 

At Vayu Advanced Wound Clinic & Hyperbarics, we are treating patients with lingering COVID-19 symptoms.

Schedule an Appointment with Dr. Badam at Vayu Advanced Wound Clinic & Hyperbarics to discuss your treatment options for “Long Hauler’s Syndrome” AKA “Post Covid Syndrome”.

Dr. Manjulatha Badam

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