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Advanced Wound Care Specialist

Manjulatha Badam, MD, CWSP, UHM -  - Hyperbaric Medicine Specialist

Vayu Advanced Wound Clinic and Hyperbarics

Manjulatha Badam, MD, CWSP, UHM

Hyperbaric Medicine Specialist & Board-Certified Wound Care Specialist located in San Antonio, TX

Most injuries will heal without much trouble, but bacterial infections and underlying conditions can leave you at risk for a non-healing wound. At Vayu Advanced Wound Clinic and Hyperbarics in San Antonio, Texas, Manjulatha Badam, MD, CWSP, UHM, offers advanced wound care services like hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) and skin grafts to help chronic wounds and ulcers heal. To schedule an evaluation for your wound, call Vayu Advanced Wound Clinic and Hyperbarics or book online today.

Advanced Wound Care Q & A

What is advanced wound care?

Advanced wound care is the diagnosis, treatment, and management of wounds that are slow to heal or don’t heal at all on their own. 

Slow-healing wounds are prone to infections, making them larger or spreading to other areas of your body. In the worst-case scenarios, untreated wounds can lead to gangrene and limb amputation.

At Vayu Advanced Wound Clinic and Hyperbarics, Dr. Badam examines and measures your wound. She also reviews your medical history to find any underlying causes behind your chronic or non-healing wound and recommends a comprehensive plan to heal your wound.

What are chronic wounds?

Chronic wounds can start as acute wounds, which are injuries that happen rapidly. A few examples are abrasions, puncture wounds, and burns. Typically, these wounds will heal on their own or with minimal treatment; if they don’t, they become chronic wounds. 

A few specific types of chronic wounds are:

  • Post-traumatic non-healing wounds
  • Post-operative non-healing wounds
  • Venous ulcers
  • Burn wounds
  • Pressure ulcers 
  • Diabetic ulcers

Chronic wounds are wounds that show no signs of healing within 2-3 weeks of their appearance. A wound can become chronic from insufficient blood supply, too much pressure on the affected area, or bacteria exposure. 

What are some signs I need advanced wound care?

You should consider scheduling a visit at Vayu Advanced Wound Clinic and Hyperbarics for a wound evaluation if you experience symptoms of a severe or non-healing wound, such as:

  • Redness, warmth, or irritation around the wound
  • Pus or cloudy discharge
  • Numbness
  • Fever
  • Increased swelling and pain after the initial 48 hours
  • A deep wound with no recent tetanus shot


To test your wound for infectious bacteria, Dr. Badam uses wound and deep tissue DNA probe cultures. She takes a tissue sample from the wound to see if germs develop after placing it in a substance that promotes bacterial, fungal, or viral growth. 

What are my options for advanced wound care?

Vayu Advanced Wound Clinic and Hyperbarics offers various procedures and products to promote faster wound healing for non-healing wounds. Advanced wound care includes:

Skin grafts and substitutes

Skin grafts come from natural skin, while skin substitutes are tissue-engineered products much like natural skin. Dr. Badam places them over non-healing wounds in some cases to improve healing and reduce complications. 

Negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT)

NPWT is a treatment that draws out excess drainage, fluid, pus, and debris from your wound. Dr. Badam seals your wound with bandaging before attaching a vacuum pump. 

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT)

In a pressurized chamber, your lungs can absorb an abundance of oxygen. With more oxygen in your bloodstream, studies have shown wounds can heal more effectively. 

Advanced wound healing products

Advanced wound healing products and dressings promote healing before, after, or between in-office therapies. 

Book your consultation for advanced wound care by phone at Vayu Advanced Wound Clinic and Hyperbarics, or request one online today. 

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